Take Your Time

A simple print I made to remind myself that everything can be enjoyable when done with patience—and not when done without. May this happy snail bring more patience to your life as well :)


Whether you’re an artist yourself or just have an interest in how something like this gets created, here is a breakdown of the steps I went through to create this piece.

I had more than just the snail in mind when I began this project. I created nine concepts, each serving as an important reminder. How did I decide which to pursue? By sharing the concepts on Instagram and seeing which one got the most attention!

All good illustrations start out with a tight drawing. After studying some snails, plants and insects I put together the final design that you see above.

As exciting as colour is, it always pays to start off in grayscale. By painting in some rough shapes at different values I was able to use this step to decide where my highest and lowest points of contrast should be.

Piggybacking on the value study, I began to apply a few greens and blues to the illustration. I’m still not interested in a polished illustration at this stage, just a good sense of my colours and values.

With the basic tones in place I used this final colour study to introduce accent colours such as pinks, purples and oranges. I also began to explore some more details such as shadows, highlights and textures.

With a strong drawing and set of colours I jumped into the final artwork. Since everything had been decided at this point, it was just a matter of putting in the time and making sure the illustration was nice and clean.


This project is actually the re-imagining of a personal piece I created when I first decided to become a full-time illustrator. Many of the animals and themes from this original poster design can be found in the nine concepts I began the Take Your Time piece with.