Sticker Mule Tutorials

I created these video tutorials with Sticker Mule as a way to not only introduce new customers to their services, but to help their existing ones become better designers. Through these videos, Sticker Mule continues to establish themselves as friendly, easy to use and an authority of design software.

Each video began with a topic to tackle and a rough outline. Leaning on my teaching experience, I revised each outline and prepared artwork designed specifically to demonstrate the topic while keeping with Sticker Mule’s playful brand.


In order to best explain each topic I was tasked with creating the following fictitious companies and their supporting brand elements. Fortunately, Sticker Mule likes to have fun with their work just as much as I do so whether it’s a tire repair service, pizza shop or delivery company, I always have a blast created these.

I never thought I’d have to so much fun designed a tire repair service. Go Speedy’s!

After demoing the creation of this design, Adobe picked up and shared our tutorial.

Don’t ask me why, but this one’s name is Ricardo.

The repeating CourierBot pattern I created for Sticker Mule’s tutorial on designing and printing custom packaging tape.

CourierBot was designed to demonstrate the custom sticker sheets Sticker Mule creates. We liked them so much we’ve used them for other videos.

While explaining how to add custom die-cuts to sticker designs, I created variations on the Speedy’s logo to showcase each problem one might encounter.

After the first video we realized I don’t have the prettiest hands. So points go to the Sticker Mule team for lending a hand for all these project shots.


Here you can find the growing library of tutorials we are creating together :)


Did I say we liked CourierBot? Well not just us. Some of my talented friends decided to animate them.

Animated by Karolina Ficek

Animated by Patrick Dias

Animated by Paige Clark