Some Assembly Required

While visiting Mother Volcano, an illustration studio based in Portugal, I was inspired to take on a personal challenge to create my most intricate design to date. The result is a piece that taught me so much about working in the isometric perspective that I created a whole course on it.



Okay, so maybe a lot of assembly was required.

The first step was a big one—creating the line art for the entire piece. One of the biggest challenges I faced in the composition of this project was coordinating the placement of each element so that there was little space between objects and the angles all felt consistent.

Originally I was going to use a stroked approach for the design. At this stage of development you can see me experimenting with different values for both the linework and fill colours. Ultimately, I decided to remove the lines, ramp up the complexity and apply the style you see in the final design.

After I decided on the graphical style and colour scheme it was really just a matter of putting the time in. The further this project progressed the more my computer didn’t like me—there are A LOT of layers and shapes.