Proxy Bots

Proxy Server is a simple platform that helps users browse the web safely and anonymously. To add a friendly face to a friendly company, I created a family of animated robot characters to be launched alongside their new brand. These metal mascots were used to introduce pricing options, special features and their mobile app. Lucky for me, someone must have told Proxy Server that I have a thing for robots.

As a cool bonus, this project was awarded a Motion feature on Behance.

Using our Proxy Bot characters, I created the following animations to highlight the many features and benefits of browsing with Proxy Server.

What looks like a robot-themed Pokemon evolution is actually the three different pricing options for Proxy Server users. For your basic browsing needs FreeBot has you covered. But look towards ProBot or EliteBot if you’re looking to browse with incredible speed and security. I mean look at EliteBot—surely that sweet visor is some indication of his ability.


Building the Bots