Since 2016 I have been creating courses as one of Skillshare’s Top Teachers to help illustrators and designers create the work of their dreams. To this day over 60,000 students have chosen to learn with me.

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Make Drawing Fun Again

While most of us found a love for art because it gave us access to a fun way to use our imagination, it's easy to lose touch with that freedom when we start to take our work seriously. When was the last time you were able to draw without judging yourself? If it's been a while, this class is for you.

Isometric Design for Beginners

Isometric Design is everywhere—illustrations, icons, video games, etc. And while working in 3D can sometimes be overwhelming, it doesn't have to be! No matter your skill level or what program you are using this class is sure to start you off right with the wonderful world of isometric design.

Playing with Texture

There are many different ways to add texture to vector artwork. Many involve purchasing brushes, using texture overlays or rasterizing your work. Find out how to add texture to your work that can be done all inside of Adobe Illustrator and be scaled to any size you like—just like the rest of your vector art!

I love the way Hayden approaches his classes. Very clear and well produced.
— Andrew Sale, Host of the Mof1 Podcast

Level Up Your Characters

Level Up Your Characters is designed to equip artists of any skill level with reliable tools that can be used any time, with any character, to make it better. Whether you are creating a new character or reworking an old one, this class will walk you through five easy to understand (but hard to master) techniques for taking good designs and making them great.

Teach Yourself to Draw Anything

The majority of our improvement comes from the time we spend practicing on our own time. Most of us are no stranger to the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of something. What many of us aren't aware of is that those 10,000 hours must be quality as well. That's where this course comes in.

Level Up Your Colours

Instead of dumping a whole universe of colour theory on you, I'm teaching you three simple methods that can immediately improve the colour in your work. All you need to do is learn the step-by-step techniques and apply it to your own art. No extensive studying. No confusing terms. No problem!

Hayden is a legend! Always makes great classes that are easy to understand. Pretty much covers everything.
— Lucas Scott, Designer & Illustrator

Create a Character from any Animal

Learn a step-by-step process for learning to draw any animal and turn it into a stylized character design. From understanding animal anatomy to best practices when drawing, this class teaches you everything you need to know.

The Illustration Power Couple

Love the precision of Adobe Illustrator but find it lacking when it comes to giving things an organic feeling? In this class I show you how bringing your vector artwork into Photoshop is a lot easier than you think.

Character Design with Story

You can create the most beautiful character in the world, but if there is little thought behind it, it just won't be that interesting. That's what we're tackling in this class—the difference between making pretty pictures and ones that generate real attention.

Adobe should hire Hayden to introduce new features.
— Charlie Calderin, Designer & Illustrator

Make Paths Fast & Easy

Live Corners is hands down the BEST feature to come from Adobe Illustrator CC. What might seem like a simple little perk at first quickly becomes an incredibly versatile, time-saving tool when you dig deeper.

Give the Pen Tool a Day Off

There are countless ways to create shapes and paths in Adobe Illustrator that have nothing to do with the pen tool. Oftentimes the solutions are quicker, easier and look better than if you actually did it by hand.

Make a Fantasy Weapon

Learn how to turn your doodles into fully realized vector art! Follow along as we take a simple sketch into Adobe Illustrator and step-by-step make a beautiful weapon right out of your favourite fantasy world. Great for learning how to work with shapes, colours and gradients.