Hello, I’m Hayden.

Living in Toronto, I work as a freelance illustrator and animator helping brands bring fun and play to their projects. In addition to that, I am one of Skillshare’s Top Teachers—having taught 60,000+ of my fellow creatives through design and illustration courses. But this is pretty surface-level stuff. If you want to know me better, keep on reading.


So you want to know more?

In 2013 I graduated from a three year program in Graphic Design and moved on to work at a few different studios throughout Toronto. It wasn’t long before I decided to take my newfound skills on the road and moved to London, England to continue my design career. It was here that I aimed to fulfill a life-long dream of seeing the world. 2 years and 22 countries later I found myself with a pretty satiated sense of wanderlust (at least for the time being) but a lack of fulfillment in the work I was doing. While I was fortunate to be working with great agencies as a designer in the UK, I lost touch with the thing that I loved most—illustration. It was then that I decided to move back to Toronto and pursue the work of my dreams.

Today I work as a freelancer on projects that combine design and illustration. In addition to this I have made art education a big part of my life as I continue to not only teach others but take on many art courses myself. Being able to share what I’ve learned through courses, mentorship and tutorials has brought a world of purpose to what I do. I can’t think of anything that pushes me more to improve than knowing that whatever new skills I gain, I get to pass on to others.

But I've also learned in this process that life isn't just about art. In fact, I pride myself on being a hobby collector. When I'm not working I can be found practicing parkour, designing games, juggling, reading, travelling, bird-watching and yes, being a dungeon master. And if you have a certain activity you're mighty fond of, introduce me—I'm always looking for more.